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5 Budget Friendly Make-Up Products That You Can’t Miss

Remember when Luna Turner said, “I would rather lose a good earring than be caught without make-up.” I bet you felt the words. A lot of people say a good many things about make-up. But people like me and you who love make-up, realize how important it is. We even secretly have nightmares about wearing the wrong make-up. But, let’s be honest, good make-up products sometimes burn a hole in our pockets. We can’t deny there have been times when we waited like nomads on desserts, to get a sale or a price drop on that gorgeous make-up product we coveted.

If you are a make-up enthusiast who follows all the social media pages for make-up tutorials and products; you and I are a team. We know there are times when we have a serious crunch yet we can’t stop dreaming about make-up. So, here I provide you with a sign of relief by sharing with you a list of make-up products that you can afford with limited money. Forget those who say makeup was an expensive hobby and say ‘HI’ to affordability.


A primer is your best buddy. To amp up your make-up, you must choose the right primer. Primer comes at several prices. A good primer gives you a matt finish and keeps your skin hydrated. You can choose NYX Cosmetics Angel Veil Primer; it is one of its kind in the market and is pocket friendly.


For a seamless base for makeup, you need a foundation. To hide the skin blemishes, and provide a smoother finish and a healthy glow, you must choose the right shade of foundation. Heavy foundation use is not necessary if you choose the right one. Milani’s Conceal + Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation is what I suggest if you have a tight budget.


Hide away those nasty pimples that popped out just when you finalized your plans. And, forget dark circles and skin imperfections that are caused by the everyday stress. Your concealer knows how to cover them perfectly. Concealers are generally costly, but Maybelline’s Age Rewind Concealer is your savior.


You can’t measure our love for Kim Kardashian’s cheekbones, Angelina Jolie’s jawline orJessica Alba’s nose. Sadly, none of our faces is perfect. But, when you have the right contour, you are an artist, and there is no limit to what you can achieve. Enjoy contouring without worries with Tantour by Huda Beauty’s Makeup Revolution’s Fast Base Stick Foundation.

5.Setting Spray

Whenever we think about setting spray, MAC Cosmetics Prep + Prime is what comes to mind. No matter how much we love MAC, we know the hole it would create.I suggest PAC Cosmetic‘s Micro-finish Setting Spray as a budget-friendly option. Also, it comes with a micro nozzle that distributes the setting spray evenly.

For everyday make-up these five products are compulsory. I make sure that I follow a thorough skincare routine before applying and after removing my make-up. Also, never miss reading out on the reviews before buying any make-up products. Finally, a good make-up is just an extra boost to your confidence and good looks. There is however no alternative to looking good than maintaining a good routine. So, prepare a routine of skincare regimes, a balanced diet and proper sleep. So, joyfully say hello to pocket-friendly make-up products and enjoy!

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