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things to do before looking at your phone

Smartphone Detox! 6 Powerful Morning Rituals to Do Before Checking Your Phone

The advancement of technologies has brought about radical changes in every other sector of business. But what has changed significantly, is our lifestyle! Unlike the earlier days, the first thing…

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pelvic floor physiotherapy kelowna

Weak Pelvic Floor? Don’t Ignore These 5 Warning Signs Physiotherapy Can Help!

The pelvic floor muscles have vital roles to play in the human body. From aiding in sexual function to supporting your pelvic organs, they are responsible for several vital functions….

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virtual reality therapy

VRT- A Revolution in the World of Mental Health and Therapy

When we think about Virtual Reality (VR), our mind immediately transports to immersive gaming experiences! Because what else can give you such an immersive and real-world experience other than gaming?…

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Simple Exercises for mindfulness

Best Practices for Attaining Mindfulness- 10 Effective Exercises to Help You Out

Are you getting distracted quite easily, and cannot stay with one single line of thought for more than a few seconds? Well, it’s not entirely your fault! Today’s lifestyle, nature…

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tips for better sleep

Unveiling the Intricate Links Between Sleep and Productivity

Which are the worst days when you are irritable and fail to meet your objectives in the workplace?  Almost every individual would agree that if you cannot sleep for six…

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How to Stay Energized and Active While Working Remotely?

Are you working from home for a long and spend an entire day at the desk? Moving a few feet for lunch and bathroom breaks may make you feel extremely…

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Exploring the Profound Benefits of Holistic Healing

Holistic benefits have been in practice for thousands of years. The healing methods work by rectifying the deficiencies in your body system. From fostering emotional resilience to promoting physical vitality,…

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Struggling with Stress in Job? 6 Ideas to Manage Your Stress to Sail Smooth

If you actually pay attention, you will realize that currently, not only all over India but all over the world, the level of stress and anxiety is rapidly increasing. In…

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Play Optimist in the Face of Negativity and Stress of Modern Life

If we say that our modern life is very demanding, then maybe that will be the understatement of the decade. Modern life can also bring extreme negativity in life too….

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How Social Media Shapes Our Mental Well-Being?

Is social media fun or is it the strongest element of distraction? Social media is indeed connected with various mental health disorders like low self-esteem, anxiety, and depression. The reason…

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