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Stuck at Home During Quarantine? 5 Beauty Tips You Must Embrace for Healthier Skin

When COVID19 is wreaking havoc all over the world, more than half of the world’s population is stuck at home due to lockdown or quarantine. You cannot go out for work, for a visit to a nearby café, to meet your groupies or dine out. Well, to some extent it might seem boring, monotonous and even frustrating. However, currently, this is the only way you can think of being completely safe. But if you are getting bored at home wondering how you will spend all this time, you can do it productively by taking care of yourself.

Yes, think of this quarantine period as a blessing. And why not? You are not going out so there is hardly any exposure to sun and pollution. Naturally, you are not getting tanned. And your skin is also remaining clean. No matter what your general routine is, you surely use even a little bit of makeup every day. But as you are not going out, you are not using any makeup and your skin is getting to breathe too. And the biggest advantage is that you are not gorging on junk food. Your diet presently consists of home-cooked meals and fruits. This, in turn, is helping you restore the balance by giving you necessary vitamins and antioxidants while recycling your stomach too. So, as you can see, the present routine is already ideal for a healthier life. Now, let’s follow these points so that your skin can become healthier even during the quarantine.

Moisturize with Home Made Lotion

Generally, when you are choosing your moisturizer, it carries a lot of different artificial chemicals as well as a certain amount of SPF which cannot be all too helpful for your skin. But as you are staying at home with plenty of time in hand, you can easily take out some time to create a moisturizer on your own with natural products. Olive, coconut oil or honey can be your go-to moisturizer that can help your skin heal while the pores remain open. If you don’t have all these items, hydrating toners or facial oil can do the job. You don’t need to worry about using other makeup items too as you won’t be out.

Washing Your Face Frequently

Generally, the skin of our face exfoliates thrice a week. Now when you have to go out every day and when you are putting makeup, you don’t get to wash your face as often as you should. But now, as you are not using any makeup and staying indoors, you can wash your face frequently. Even though the dust and debris won’t be on your skin like your general days owing to less exposure to pollution or chemicals, yet you definitely don’t want oil, bacteria or dead skin to build up and close the pores.

Clean Your Makeup Kit

Now, this is a step that you surely ignore. Most of the people around the world, hardly ever wash their makeup kits. The brushes and sponges don’t clean themselves up, my dear! Neither can they disinfect themselves! So, now, when you are not using them frequently or probably at all, it is time to clean them up. They accumulate dirt, and sweat every time you use it. And keeping them unwashed can be an extremely bad thing for your skin. So wash them now.

Be Mindful for General Wellness

You might be surprised to know that stress can have unbelievable effects on your skin. When you are dealing with the monotony of life during quarantine and also feeling stressed after watching the news or reading the article of the COVID 19 pandemic, it will leave marks on your skin. So, spend your time with a focus on general wellness. Stay calm. Do meditation, yoga, and exercises. Detach from the source of tension if possible.

It is surely a stressful time. But you can look at the brighter side of it too by taking care of yourself. Use your time wisely.

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