Stay Ahead With these Emerging Makeup Trends Of 2024

The New Year is on and the past year is gone. Does that mean that the makeup trends of 2023 are gone too? Well, not all of them may be but as we step into the New Year, a few new makeup trends emerge as well. In 2024, makeup is going to take on a new direction it seems. If you are wearing makeup, at least one of the things should be the highlight of your face. Highlighting the eyes with striking eyeliner or making the lips ombre speak about the power of one.

Here are the popular makeup trends that are to show up in 2024:

Shaping the eyes

Invest in high-precision eyeliners in 2024 as eye makeup is all set to turn graphic. Change the shape of your eyes and draw bold lines to attract the attention of the wearer.

Frosty face

Welcome a frosty face in 2024 and take it up a few notches above. Thereafter, you need to pull the frosty face down to the collarbones. You may have already come across this trend in the New Year’s parties but it’s time to see more of it. Get ready to become a showstopper with the frosty trend and get going.

No bare face

Are skin tints in? Although skin tints have come in the place of heavy foundation in 2023, the face needs some kind of coverage at least. The least desired to make this year will be those cakey foundation tones and the application of tint will grow. Your face will always need a cover and not stay bare-faced. It will give your face some kind of coverage without making your skin lose its shine.

Douyin makeup

Douyion makeup is going to be the trend that came out in all the major beauty-related searches in the previous year.  This makeup trend is becoming an integral part of various platforms from red carpet to runways and more. To become a part of this trend, invest in clustered eyelashes, and sparkles in your makeup routine.

Strawberry makeup

Minimalism is still there but in 2024, it is going to go up a bit, and from there comes strawberry makeup. It’s easy. Just add strawberry-hued lipstick and makeup once you are done with the routine makeup. Several celebrities have already approved strawberry makeup and it’s not surprising that the trend is here to stay. Chances are that Google’s searches are going to show this as one of the prominent makeup trends in 2024.

Dual shades on the lips

You can happily apply different shades to your eyes, so why should your lips stay behind?  If you are highlighting your lips with one glossy shade, fill it in with a sparkling shade to add an extra element to your makeup. For a daring and chic twist to your makeup routine, consider playing with lip art. To achieve this look effortlessly, simply opt for a darker outline to define your lips and add depth.

Take it to the next level by unleashing your creativity—experiment with different shades on your top and bottom lips for an edgy, two-toned effect. This versatile approach allows you to express your unique style and make a bold statement, perfect for those who love to push the boundaries of traditional makeup trends.

As we step into 2024, the world of makeup is poised to be a canvas of innovation, self-expression, and bold experimentation. The upcoming year promises a diverse array of trends that invite makeup enthusiasts to break free from conventions and embrace their individuality. From sustainable beauty practices and inclusive product ranges to tech-infused skincare and avant-garde lip art, 2024 is set to redefine the boundaries of beauty.

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