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The Significance of Robotic Dental Implant Procedures

Robotics is revolutionizing several fields of the healthcare industry but when it comes to dentistry, you just have to watch for more. For those considering implants, you have to delve deeper to explore why dentists are relying on robotic technology.

Typically, it is more about implementing technology and less manual, which is also making the job of dentists less stressful. You need to know what robotic dental implant placement is all about before visiting a dentist and going for one.

What is a robotic dental implant?

Well, a lot of you may be confused about robot dentists and may think that the implant is performed by a robot. However, this is not true. The implant procedure is performed by the dentist under the guidance of the robot. With robotic technology, patients can make sure that the procedure has been performed correctly and the implants placed accurately. With cues from the robot, the surgeon understands the location better and knows how deeply they need to drill. However, it is the dentist that controls the entire procedure. It’s just that they can make the adjustments as necessary.

Reasons to Choose Robotic Dental Implant Surgery

There should be little speculations about dental robotics if you are on the way to inserting implants for missing teeth. However, explore these reasons here and be surer about the decision you make:

1. Accuracy is the key

Accuracy shapes dental procedures no matter what it is all about. Imagine a dentist placing an implant wrongly during a manual procedure. It would be even more painful to remove that and carry on with another one. Moreover, it can drain your finances. That is why dental surgeons today are using robotic procedures. With the 3D images, surgeons can plan exactly where to place the implants and even the slightest deviation from the chosen location will be marked by the robot to make sure that the dentist comes back to the exact spot when the implant is to be inserted. So, if you are looking for better accuracy during dental surgery procedures for teeth replacement, robotic implant placement may be of great help.

2. Efficient procedure

For greater efficiency during implants and to reduce the time taken to perform the procedure, robotic surgery is considered more efficient. While traditional implant procedures can take longer as you have to wait for a specific duration to fill in the gaps, such an instance can be reduced to a great extent. With robotic dentistry, you can cut down on the waiting time. The guidance of a robot makes it easier to create a plan for the surgical procedure. However, don’t miss the tips you should follow to prevent tooth decay and maintain oral hygiene.

3. Less invasive

Robotic implants are not only more effective but less invasive when compared to the traditional procedure.  During a manual procedure, the surgeon must view the jay bone when placing the implant for which an incision needs to be made. That way, the procedure becomes more painful. With robotic dentistry, the healing procedure is quicker and helps you get back to a normal lifestyle more swiftly. With robotic implants, people going for this procedure will face fewer hassles. However, care is to be taken when choosing the clinic and the experience of the dentist needs to be assessed as well to make the procedure successful. You need to also check whether the dentist is familiar with technology and has the knowledge to perform the surgical procedure.

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