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Discover The Power of Natural Remedies For Healthy Gums

Your beautiful smile isn’t just made up of your bright teeth. Healthy gums are equally important components that power your confident smile. You need to keep them in top shape to take care of your overall health and show your confident self to the world. Here are a few natural remedies that can help with that.

Mouthwash made from natural oils

Natural oils have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that can protect both your teeth and gums from decay. Turn them into mouthwashes and you have something way better than generic ones available in the market. These homemade mouthwashes may be a bit more expensive than regular brand-name mouthwashes. However, they are less abrasive in nature. Here are some of the best natural oil mouthwashes you can make:

  1. Tea Tree Oil – You can treat gingivitis at home with tea tree oil mouthwash. Mix a cup of warm water with a few drops of tea tree oil and use that as a mouthwash for around 30 seconds before spitting it out. If you’re making a big batch, keep the ratios in mind and make sure that you dilute the tea tree oil accordingly.
  2. Lemon Grass Oil – Similar to tea tree oil, add around three drops of lemon grass oil to a cup of warm water and swish it inside your mouth.

Baking Soda

Baking soda aka sodium bicarbonate is one of the most versatile ingredients in the kitchen and washroom. You can use it to cook food, clean the toilet floors and keep your gums healthy. Add a small amount of baking soda in a cup and mix it with a few drops of water till it turns into a paste. Apply the paste to your gums to kill all harmful bacteria.

Since baking soda is alkaline in nature, it also acts as an effective neutralizing agent that brings down the acid levels in your mouth. This helps protect the tooth enamel from decay. You can even add a bit of baking soda paste to your toothpaste and brush your teeth to get rid of stains.

Turmeric gel or paste

Turmeric isn’t a common product in average American households. However, it’s an ingredient that has several medicinal and anti-bacterial properties. The spice is heavily used in South Asian cuisine and is full of antioxidants. You can add it to your food or make a paste to prevent receding gums.

If you aren’t keen on making turmeric paste, you can buy turmeric gel and apply it to your gums. They are easily absorbable and prevent bleeding gums. Allow the gel to rest on your gums for 10 minutes before rinsing it out. This isn’t recommended if you’re allergic to turmeric.

All these natural remedies may improve your oral hygiene and complement your existing oral routine. However, they aren’t an alternative to brushing and flossing your teeth. It’s also important to note that they aren’t replacing your dentist. Gingivitis or any gum problem that causes severe bad breath or excessive tooth pain needs the attention of a dental professional.

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