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Tips To Whiten Your Teeth and Brighten Your Smile

Have you noticed the yellowing of your teeth lately? If you have been dreaming of sparkling white teeth but yet to get success, use natural products for better results. You don’t want to lose your precious smile and stains on your teeth are making you embarrassed in several ways. The following are the natural ways to whiten your teeth within a week.

Tip to whiten your teeth naturally

1. Using hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide not only destroys bacteria inside the mouth but helps in whitening teeth as it is a natural bleaching agent. Studies reveal that toothpaste contains about one percent of this element with baking soda to whiten your teeth. However, you need to be mindful of the quantity of hydrogen peroxide to use as it may irritate your gums when used in excessive quantities.

2. Rub your teeth with fruit peels

Although there is no scientific research to support it, rubbing the teeth with orange and lemon peels also yield results when used for some time. The reason is that fruits contain citric acid that helps in removing the yellowing stains quickly. However, if you are sensitive to the ingredient, you may abstain from using this remedy. But do not use fruit peels for longer than recommended as too much acid can wear out the teeth’ enamel.

3. Using apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is another disinfectant that also acts as a natural cleaning agent that helps in whitening teeth. However, using more frequently can damage the enamel and soften the structure of your teeth. The best way is to mix it with equal quantities of water to be used as a mouthwash. Make sure that you wash your mouth with water after using the solution as a mouthwash.

4. Milk powder and toothpaste

Does this remedy sound too unusual?  Well, combining milk powder with toothpaste to brush your teeth and rinsing the mouth soon after should help in whitening the teeth.

5. Eat more fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables help in rubbing off plaque from your teeth. Although they won’t replace the techniques of brushing your teeth properly some fruits and vegetables are known to make your teeth whiter naturally.

6. Using essential oils

You are familiar with the goodness of essential oils to achieve the best results. All you need is to order coconut oil and mix it with equal quantities of baking soda and use it for brushing your teeth twice a day. Alternatively, you can use other varieties like spearmint or peppermint oil to feel the effect of whitening.

7. Strawberry and salt with baking soda

Strawberry is one of the major sources of Vitamin C and is a fantastic element used for whitening teeth. It also contains an enzyme known as malic acid that helps in breaking down bacteria that causes plaque and yellowish stains. The blend of baking soda, strawberry, and salt acts as a powerful ingredient to clean your teeth.

The natural teeth whitening agents are timed and do not yield the results you expect if you are in a hurry to remove the yellow stains. Make sure you apply the natural ingredients in generous quantities and stick to them for a while for the best results.

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