4 “No Time” Myths and How to Bust Them

All of us have heard it that if we want something a lot, we find a way, if we do not want it enough, we find an excuse. And this is much more notorious in the fitness dimension. Many of us who take up a fitness challenge often end up telling ourselves that we are not having enough time to carry it on. Well, it is not true and there is always a way when there is a will.

In this blog, we shall be talking about how you can conquer the “no time” myth. We shall be talking about 4 of the most common “myths” or excuses we make to ourselves when we are unable to carry out our once-well-planned exercising schedule. We will be discussing how we can take care of the excuses by wishing them good-bye and giving back the control to our will.

Here are 4 common “No Time” myths, busted:

  1. I have kids: Yes you do. And they are a huge responsibility indeed. But along with the duties you have to perform as a parent, jot down your personal duties too. After all, you can only take care of your kids if you take care of yourself. There is no need to take on too much of exercising. Start small. Once you schedule it the same way as you schedule everything else in your time table, it will definitely become a part of your day-to-day life. Start small and it will slowly turn into a habit. Buddy workouts or group sessions are a very interesting way to not losing interest in exercising.
  2. I am working all the time:  You need to understand that 24 hours is a lot of time to take care of yourself. Yes all of us have to work for a living but if we do not keep ourselves healthy, it will only slow us down. A healthier body and mind certainly makes work a lot easier and quicker. There are many ways to add a health quotient to your office time. It does not necessarily have to be an exercise; it can also be something that helps lower the stress, be it physical or mental. For example, comfortable shoes, a clean workspace, group lunches, wearable activity trackers, and many more. You only need to have the will to do it. Everything else just follows.
  3. I am tired: The only way to get rid of this frustrating feeling is to exercise. This is because exercise increases the oxygen levels in your body thereby revitalizing you and giving you energy. One thing you can do is instead of having that afternoon coffee or energy drink of yours, try some exercise. You will be amazed at the outcomes. However it is not magic and will not happen overnight, but with consistency, be assured that your energy levels will improve. Another thing to keep in mind here is to drink water. Getting dehydrated can cause fatigue.
  4. I cannot fit a 2-hour exercise routine in my schedule: It is not written anywhere to have a 2-hour daily exercise routine. Studies show that only 2.5 hours of usual cardio exercises and 2 hours of strength training per week are all that is needed to improve your health. Given that a week has 168 hours in total, setting aside 4.5 hours for exercise for a better mind and body doesn’t sound that tough after all, does it? 

Keeping these 4 things in mind will help you break your illusions of not being able to work out and give you just the perfect motivation to exercise for a better mind and body.

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