4 Simple Ways for a Quick Workout during a Lockdown

A lockdown prevents you from working out, be it in the gym or amidst nature. And moreover, the lockdown mood seems to set aside our mood to work out too. We tend to feel free and binge watch movies and do something that involves not doing anything. Yet, the thought of the possibility seems to lurk something at the back of our minds and we do hope if we could in fact workout in some way to the other.

Well, in this blog, we shall be talking about some easily homely tips to work out even when you are not working out. This makes it even better and easier to the extent that sometimes you do not even realize that you have done it. All this will help maintain a healthy mind and body during a lockdown period which can be really distressing.

Here are 4 simple ways of how you can have a work out in your home during a lockdown:

  1. Waiting for the laundry to dry: You have taken care of your first batch of laundry, and folded the final fold and are now waiting for the next call from the dryer. And while you are waiting, you can easily have some mat work out, can’t you? It will take a handful of minutes which can be easily well-utilized. So go for it, pushups, mountain climbers, planks, all these can be done without the need of any equipment but your will.
  2. Wake up Early: One of the simplest lockdown workout challenges you can tackle easily is this. Now, imagine what you would rather do when you open your eyes earlier than usual; do you want to turn over and try and get back to sleep? Or would you rather get up right then, take advantage of the early waking and get some exercise done? Get some stretches and get down to some core exercises. Marching planks, Russian twists and donkey kicks are great easy exercises to having an energized start to your day.
  3. Watch Netflix without chilling: Of course you can watch Netflix. But a great way to utilize Netflix too for a better health is by not chilling when watching it. Usually you would have popcorn or a bottle of coke or any other eating stuff in front of you and a pillow or sofa behind out. Take them out. Get on the floor and get it burning. Try wall sits and time yourself while doing so. Do it for long as you can and the next time, try to break the personal record. This works great to know your limits better.
  4. Lunch break: Work from home is what we are talking about here. Sitting and working in front of the laptop from 9 to 5 can make your body lethargic and slow down your body functions. After all, there is no movement. So, try to get your heart rate up during the breaks. You can easily have a few reps of triceps dips and chair squats. You can even challenge yourself for a minute or two of high knees. Find out how much you are capable of. Do what you can during other breaks if you have them. It may not possible to do them every day but on days that you can, do it. It works a great deal to get your body functioning properly and blood pumping active and regular.

Keeping the 4 points in mind will help you maintain your health while under a lockdown. Not just a lockdown, these can be done even during your holidays and that too in a much better manner. So get going. You do not want to slow down once the lockdown gets over, do you?

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