6 Ways to Encourage Yourself to Start Running

Running has always been one of the most recommended physical exercises of all time, and perhaps the easiest, or is it? Well, for many it is easy while for others it may not. There are a lot of factors that affect running, for example, age, health, height, weight, and many more. And all these together contribute towards our running. As for the importance of running, it is a greatly effective way to improve physical condition and body balance, lose weight, increases stamina, along with a healthy heart and mind. And we all know how much we need it even if we don’t admit it.

If you are planning to add running to your regular exercise routine, there are a lot of things that will do good to keep in mind. And in this blog, we shall be talking about the fundamental requirements of a running schedule. These are not just about being physically prepared but mentally too.

Here are 6 tips to keep in mind if you want to start running:

  1. Inspiration: Remember that Fraser Pryce and Usain Bolt were once beginners. Keeping this in mind, you too have to accept it and understand what it means to be slow and steady. This stage is the most essential for you to cope up with your running.
  2. No excuses: This is something that you need to take full control of. Excuses will only lead to more excuses which will eventually lead to nothing. Phrases like “it’s too hot/cold”, “there’s no time this week”, “looks like it will rain today”, will have to be completely obliterated from your conscious system. Of course, if it is raining you cannot go out but the mere feel of rain should never stop you from going out for a run. Even if your mind turns towards excuses, think of the reasons why you chose running, e.g. to lose weight, to get in shape, for a hobby, or whatever it is. This will serve as great motivation.
  3. Log your progress: This is frankly the best way to continue your running habit. Sometimes all it needs is a visual proof of what we have gained in order to work harder. Logging your progress like the distance you have covered, decrease in your body weight, or anything else. Each and every single one of these acts as a great motivation for running. This will make you realize all those times lost when you excused yourself for not going out running.
  4. Find Partners: Sometimes, all it takes is an ally to be beside you in your running endeavor. Having a trainer or a partner helps a lot keeping yourself happy about running. Both of you can chat which makes running a lot less boring than it usually might do. While doing this, find someone who shares the same enthusiasm for running as you do or has the same results to achieve. This makes running a lot less competitive and more of a hand-in-hand journey.
  5. Prevent injuries: It always helps to consult a doctor if you have had a serious injury or an operation in the past to know whether it is okay for you to continue running as you do. This helps prevent them in the future. Moreover, have a blood test done to find out how your body is improving.
  6. Good nutrition: Only running can make your body lose weight faster. This is not suggested. It needs to be given proper nutrition in order to make up for the loss of calories but in a proper manner. Consult a nutritionist for this who will provide a diet chart suitable for your body.

Keeping these 6 tips in mind will help you concentrate on your running in a better manner. For the most part, it will be a never-give-up attitude that will solve most of the problems.

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