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5 Practical Tips For A Happy Gut

You have heard the term gut health so many times and how important it is for every individual to remain healthy. But do you know what it actually means? Typically, gut health refers to a healthy balance of microbes and small bacteria in your digestive tract. Researchers have shown time and again how these microorganisms contribute to gut health. The healthier your gut better your mood, appetite, digestion, and a healthy brain and heart.

Here are a few practical tips to strengthen your gut health:

Eating probiotic and fiber-rich food

Fibers are derived from plants and enhance the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut and mitigate the risk of metabolic diseases. Beetroot, sweet potatoes, carrots, and spinach are rich in fiber and improve gut health. Besides, whole grains are also a rich source of fiber. To boost gut health further, you must include probiotic food in your everyday diet like kombucha, yogurt, and kimchi. Yogurt, in particular, helps reduce gastrointestinal infections irritable bowel disease, constipation, and diarrhea.

Prebiotic fibers

Prebiotics are non-digestible carbohydrates that encourage good bacteria to multiply in the gut. So, if you wish to promote your gut health, you may include food items like asparagus, chicory, garlic, onions, whole grains, bananas, and artichoke.

Say no to sugar and sweetened food and drinks

Consuming artificial sweeteners and sugar may lead to an imbalance of good microbes in the gut. Research suggests that artificial sweeteners increase some bacteria that are known to cause metabolic diseases. Excessive sugar also affects the ecosystem of gut bacteria negatively.

Exercise regularly

Researchers have found that exercise helps in promoting healthy bacteria in the gut. While studies show that exercise and diet together play a positive role in improving gut health another study shows that physical activities can independently enhance gut health. Long hours of workout and high-intensity physical training not only improve the health of gut bacteria but also improve overall wellness.

Reducing stress

Wondering what has stress to do with gut health. Remember how your stomach buzzes when you feel excited or nervous? Research reveals that depression and anxiety can be impacted by the levels of gut bacteria. They are known to increase the risk of IBS, which may eventually lead to mental health issues. If you are looking forward to a solution, add exercises to your daily routine. The simplest of activities like walking help to improve gut health.

Eating food rich in polyphenols

Polyphenols are compounds of plants that come packed with several health benefits. They help in reducing hypertension, cholesterol levels, oxidative stress, and inflammation. Humans cannot digest polyphenols and reach the colon where gut bacteria digest them. Some of the food items containing this plant derivative are red wine, green tea, almonds, cocoa, and dark chocolate.

Do you know why gut health is important? The gut comprising the gastrointestinal and the digestive system helps in digesting the food we eat and plays a massive role in enhancing overall health and wellness. The bacteria in the gut can be found in the stomach, mouth, colon, ovarian follicles, lungs, ears, and eyes. Apart from digesting food, they are important for various health aspects. Maintenance of a healthy gut improves the health and immune function of the body.

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