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Working From Home? Here Are 4 Tips to Help You Manage Your Weight Easily

Nowadays, we find ourselves in a time when a lot of companies are allowing their workers to work from home. Moreover, the emergence of online startups and social media pages, as a platform for showcasing skills, has made work-from-home a new and growing trend. However, as far as body maintenance is concerned, this too has a lot of connection with it. Sitting, working and eating contribute a lot to the body weight. And in this blog, we shall be talking about how we can manage and maintain our body weight while working from home.

Now, it might sound too much if one were to say that sitting at home and eating while working contributes to weight gain. Most of us would ask, how much? After all, not everyone works from home every day, right. So, herein lies the question: Even if I believe that I am gaining weight while working from home, what should I do about it? Should I start having protein shakes and start working out? Sounds high-balling, doesn’t it? Well, it does, but no one is asking to work out or have protein shakes. A few simple things to do can help you not gain weight while working from home. And they are very easy to follow.

So, here are 4 very simple steps to work from home in a weight-friendly manner:

  1. Pack your lunch: It might sound a bit not-homely but helps a lot. For the most part, working from home brings convenience. This lets us eat whatever we can and whatever we want. Sometimes, we even skip a meal. This affects our weight a lot. So, what you can do is pack your lunch or get your meals the night before. This way you won’t have to think about what you should eat or grab just anything that tastes good. Packing food the night before also lets you proportion them by having nutritional ingredients and fills.
  2. Take breaks to refresh: This is a very important thing to do. While working, it often happens that taking a break stands for eating. You tend to grab a bite of whatever you can get hold of. But, don’t do this. Rather, try walking around your home or take your dog for a small round. This way you will be able to shake off the tiredness and refreshen yourself. This will also help you stretch your body from continuous sitting and typing. You will feel energized which will make it less likely for you to turn to food.
  3. Avoid mindless snacking: Mindless snacking refers to the act of continuous eating that is a result of concentrating on something other than eating, which in this case is working from home (on your computer). It is a fact that when adults tend to eat more when they are engaged in screen time activities. Paying attention to eating aka mindful eating is directly linked to eating later on. So, the bottom line is to work when working and eat when eating. Do not do these two together.
  4. The Great Shut-down Ritual: Working from home can fade the line between work and home. However, you need to realize that home includes life other than your work, like, spending time with family, going out to meet friends and more. But this might be a bit difficult to cope up with after all the work. So, a great way to do it is to shut yourself down for sometimes to get back into the hang of home. Close your eyes for a few minutes, take deep breathes after shutting down your computer. Do whatever you think helps you transition from work to home.

Keeping these 4 points in mind will help you maintain your body weight. Once you have understood your importance, importance to your priorities will become clearer.

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