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Nothing to Be Alarmed: 5 Reasons of Not Losing Weight While Working Out

One of the main reasons that lead to the breaking of our spirit while working out is when we find that we are not losing weight the way we hoped for or as was told to us by our trainer. And for those who are working out to specifically lose weight, this can be really alarming. They might even stop working out. This is even more alarming and can have negative effect on their health.

In this blog, we shall be talking about 5 reasons why you are not losing enough weight while working out. There is nothing to be alarmed about it as it is only natural and logical. You are not alone and there are many who have gone through this stage. Our body takes time to get adjusted to new things and will certainly do the same in case of losing weight.

Here are 5 reasons you might not be losing enough weight while working out:

  1. Water retention: When you are beginning to work out, your body will go through changes during the first few months. Exercises can lead to the formation of small tears in your muscle fibers and inflammation which will add to the body mass. Your body will respond to this process of inflammation by retaining water although temporarily. So, let it be. Drink plenty of water and have sleep. Reports suggest that you should drink ounces of water equivalent to half your body weight. For instance, if your weight is 140 pounds, you should drink no less than 70 ounces of water every day.
  2. Sugar Conversion: During the initial months of your workout, your body will require more sugar or glycogen to fuel the extra movements it is going through. The reason is because your body provides the required energy to your muscles by converting this glycogen and binding it with water. This requires you to drink more water, thus adding to your body mass. However, with time, as your body gets used to the work out, your body will require less glycogen and thus less water, and you will find that your are losing weight faster.
  3. High-calorie diets:  This has two conditions. One is that you should not have more calories than you are shedding which will naturally keep your weight the same. Another is that you should not aim to lose more calories in less time which can lead to fatigue faster and affect your health. For this, try maintaining a log of what you are eating and drinking every week.  Try to make small adjustments in your eating habits. Have less processed food and more whole foods (outside grocery stores) to have a round diet.
  4. Time: Perhaps the most important reason of all is time. If you did not gain 30 pounds in a day, then you cannot hope to lose it in one day either. Weight loss is a long process and we should expect immediate results. Our bodies, just like any other machine, need time to adjust and recalibrate according to new exercises and diets. This takes weeks and sometimes even months. So it is very important to be patient.
  5. Muscle gains: Muscle mass weighs more than fat mass, so do not despair if you find your clothes lose while the scale proving otherwise. This is definitely a sign that you are reaping harvests of your work out. Although you may find that the scale shows a higher weight than you had expected, you will feel stronger along with a sense of wellness than before.

These 5 reasons show why you are not losing weight the way you wanted to. Not losing weight the way you are supposed to is very common. All you have to do is be patient and carry on.

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