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5 Great Simple Food Substitutions to Make For a Healthy Eating

Eating healthy is in direct correlation to feeling healthy. Eating healthy is very important if you are working out. The amount of work the body does during a workout leads to the loss of an equivalent amount of energy. This energy needs to be given back to the body with the help of food that it will be able to use for revitalizing.

Now, while going for healthy eating, most of us aim high and chalk down items that we know we won’t be able to acquire the taste of that easily. And this leads to frustration which then throws your resolution for having a healthy diet out of the window. So, it is suggested to start slow and discover the things that we like to eat more than the others in our healthy food list. Then, with time we can improve the choices. And in this blog, we shall be talking about 5 great substitutions that you can make in your daily diet and turn it into a healthy one.

Here is the list of 5 healthy food items based on what you like to eat:

  1. A crunch that sounds healthy: For starters, a bag of chips is the perfect past time. All you need to do is take a crunch off one and you are at the bottom of the bag already. To turn this one into a healthier bite, opt for baked chips. Although chips, they are much less in calories. And with time, you can replace chips with something that is crunchier, for example, nuts. Cashews, almonds, and pistachios are great healthy choices. These are all full of nutrients along with proteins and fats that keep the heart healthy.
  2. Bread Trade: We all love a bagel with clean cheese, yes, but we sure do not need those many calories when having a desk job. So, instead of having them for breakfast, turn to wheat bread topped with peanut butter. This lets you cut down the calories and add more protein. If you want more, go for Ezekiel bread along with almond butter and a bit of organic honey. The best thing about Ezekiel bread is that it has no preservatives, no sugar and no artificial ingredients which most other breads do.
  3. Pasta progress: For those of you who love pasta, try swapping it with a whole grain option. It won’t be that bad. Once you have done this and are used to it, try for other options like zucchini noodles mixed with some chopped veggies. If you do not like it, go for chickpea pasta that is packed with protein. One more thing, replace that ground beef in your sauce with ground turkey.
  4. Nothing better than Salad: While many people love to have salad filled with lettuce, try replacing it with spinach. This enables you to get more minerals and vitamins. Replace the croutons with grilled chicken. You can even add a few raw seeds to add to the proteins. And finally, replace the calorie-heavy dressing with a healthier option like olive oil and avocado.
  5. A healthy cold: If ice-cream is your guilty pleasure, then try substituting it with flavored yoghurt. This helps a lot in bringing down the high calorie intake that ice-creams offer. Along with this, you get less fats and some extra protein. With time, you might be opt for Greek yoghurt (which has even more protein) mixed with fresh fruits. Nothing can be more a more pleasurable guilt.

These 5 simple food substitutes will make eating a lot healthier without having you compromise your love for taste. Turn your food healthier and a healthier body will be on its way.

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