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A Quick Healthy Lunch: A Great Grain Bowl to Fuel Your Day

Packing a lunch, no matter when or where, is never fun. There are either leftovers, or a sandwich or salad, or paying more than we want and lunch out. But no more shall this be a problem. We know how important it is to have a healthy lunch to continue our day’s work, but it means that we shall spend money in order to have it.

In this blog, we shall be talking about a single meal preparation- a grain bowl and how it can replace your regular lunch without compromising your taste or health. This preparation has one more very interesting aspect to it. And that is colors. Now, we seem to have an attraction for food that is colorful and while regular meals do not provide that, our grain bowl does. So, voila!!! Boredom while eating goes out of the window.

Here are the 4 steps to give yourself with a savory healthy grain bowl and have a tasty lunchtime:

  1. Begin with the Base: A grain bowl begins with the grain. Try to keep it simple and healthy with grains like brown rice, quinoa, lentils or farro. All these are packed with protein and also give you the perfect tasty meal that your typical lunch cannot offer otherwise.
    Keep in mind to take a bit less than you think you can eat. And then add more in case you need it. This will allow storing more for future lunches.
  2. Go Green: Following the grain comes the green. This is where you can experiment with your favorite salad. Mix in your beloved salad mix, or some fresh green veggies from the local shop. The importance of this will forever be underrated. Our suggestion is to go for the darker leafy green veggies like argula, kale or spinach. All of these are packed in vitamins and minerals, much more than iceberg lettuce. Moreover, they taste great too.
  3. No Crunch to Spare: All of us love to have a crunch every now and then. Then why not add some crunchy texture to our lunch as well? You already have lots of proteins, vitamins and minerals. Now, time to have some texture. Add your favorite choices of nuts and seeds. They add more protein along with taste. You can choose from almonds, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds.
  4. Add some Flare: It’s always about the finishing. A good finish is what will tie your grain bowl together and give you the perfect lunch experience. For this, add some cheese, some creamy avocado, or a vinaigrette. This part will be having quite some fat and calories so try having a light hand. Too much fat is not suggested. You don’t want to gain weight, do you?

Additional: The best part about this grain bowl meal is that you can even carry it to your office or store it in the freezer and have later. If you are in a hurry, prepare it as it takes a lot less time than your usual lunch meals and leave. Although suggested for lunch, this also serves as a great snack. Even during holidays or lockdown, when you are not in the mood to go out, turn on the TV, have a grain bowl in front of you and get chilling the perfect healthy way.

A grain bowl serves as a perfect lunch meal. These 4 steps let you give yourself a great time eating and also give you a feel-good vibe as finally you can cook your own meal.

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