Personalized pie boxes

Improve Your Pie Protection With Custom Pie Boxes

Every baked good is packed in its respective packaging for an ideal presentation. So if you are selling pies, you must use custom pie boxes. Bakery articles need additional protection, and you must assess the worth of these boxes as they are made from long-lasting and eco-friendly material that not only sounds clean but also makes an impression on the clients regarding health-conscious display. 

Packaging is necessary for protection and presentation. Customization is necessary for optimal protection, as you can get personalized pie boxes of the exact shape and size of your pies. Apart from this, you can select a robust material that will keep your pies fresh and tasty. Now we will discuss how pie box packaging will improve the protection of your baked delight. 

What Are Pie Boxes?

Customized pie boxes are produced from the durable and sturdy material that is cardboard, and you can assemble them as per your preference. The pies are sheer eatables therefore, they need strong protection against fierce temperatures, and it will keep them fresh for a long period. 

Further, you can customize them in manner, shape, and dimension so that they will echo perfectly with your brand voice and tone. If you desire to ship the order to longer destinations, then it can be done with no concerns and ship the freshly baked pies to the intended buyer safely and sound.

Robust Material And Pie Protection 

Certainly, the size and the types of packaging are the essential yardsticks that ensure the safety of pies, but the main thing on which product safety relies is the material. For pie boxes wholesale, the material should have the below-mentioned qualities: 

  • It should be durable and long-lasting 
  • It should be environmentally-friendly 
  • It should be food-grade 
  • It should be cost-effective 

When selecting paper-based raw materials, getting all these features in the material is easy. For this, kraft, corrugated, and cardstock are the best options. All these materials have sufficient durability that protect the pies from unfavorable changes. 

These materials are eco-friendly, so the environment remains safe. Besides this, all three materials are available in abundance, which makes them economical. The main ingredient in these custom pie boxes is non-toxic cellulose fiber, so getting food-grade material also becomes easy. 

Manufacturing Of Pie Boxes For Optimal Protection 

When customization of boxes is considered, one thing that comes to mind is the packaging expense. Customization of packages sometimes costs more than plain packaging. However, if you choose the option of pie boxes wholesale, you can reduce the overall cost. For pie box manufacturing three things that you must keep in mind. 

  • The quality of material 
  • The vibrant printing on boxes 
  • The dimensions of the box 

With all these things, you can get customized pie packaging boxes with optimum protection. 

Types Of Pie Boxes 

With the help of customization, you can get any type of custom pie packaging for your product. Whether you are running a retail bakery or you have an online one custom pie boxes will get your business to another level and facilitate the optimal protection of pies. Following are two types of pie boxes that will protect your product in a better way: 

1. Retail Pie Boxes 

Soothing food items like pies and pastries need security in the shop and during transit. Buyers take pies to relish an essential occasion for them, the freshness and form of the pies matter a lot. For excellent packaging, you can buy two-piece pie boxes wholesale.  

When you customize the pie packaging, you can choose the flawless size so your pie will not shake in the box. If the triangular cardboard boxes are too big, the texture and formation of the pies will get damaged, and you will lose your consumers. 

2. Safe Shipping Is Possible 

If you are running an online bakery, then you know how much product safety is. To safely ship your pies, pie shipping boxes are required. If you customize shipping boxes, you can select the best packing for your pies. 

In shipping boxes, box fillers, like bubble wrap, kitchen towels, or newspapers, are used to avoid product damage. These are sufficient to protect pies, but you can use box inserts in the pie boxes for a better presentation. These inserts look professional and increase the worth of your product. 


To enhance your pie’s protection, custom pie boxes are the ideal solution. These boxes are personalized according to the requirements of your bakery and your product. If you have to deal with pies in a retail bakery or you are operating an online one, with customization, you can get the most suitable for your product.

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