Top 10 Christmas Cookies to Cherish This Year

Its cookie season once again! Baking Christmas cookies are an all-time favorite you will love to share with family and friends. From the classic cookies with sugar and royal icing to shortbread with butter, and gingerbread men, finding the perfect cookie and exchanging them as gifts with friends creates holiday fervor. As you enter the peak cookie season, you have got to make them heartily, some simple and the rest fancy. Ah Well, here are a few cookies that are a must-have for the holiday trays.

1. Classic chocolate chip cookies

Holiday season or not, these classic cookies always stay at the top of the list. Use real vanilla extracts to create some amazing cookies that you can share with your neighbors or friends.

2. Fererro Rocher Cookie Cups

Who isn’t obsessed with cookie cups? So, it’s time you place a box of hazelnut cookie cups with a crispy and sugary cookie base and chocolate-filled centers. Chocolate lovers are sure to dig into those luscious and chocolatey cookie cups on which you can drizzle dark melted chocolate for the ultimate appeal.

3. Gingerbread men

Can you resist those adorable gingerbread men during the holidays? They are great to eat and are also used for Christmas decorations or edible gifts. Moreover, you can use the dough to create a gingerbread house. You will love to serve these quintessential holiday cookies that have been a hot favorite for the holiday season.

4. Sugar cookies

There would not be any holiday season if you do not roll out your first batch of sugar cookies right now. You can add small flakes of vanilla beans to make them the showstopper. They are flavorful, soft, and delicious that will surely bring a smile to the faces of your loved ones.

5. Chewy molasses cookies

The soft and chewy molasses cookies are a hot favorite for those who love to bake. Now, fill them with warm spices and molasses to create a surprising treat for your family and friends around the holidays and the chewy flavor is simply irresistible.

6. Chocolate crinkle cookies

This year, Santa needs to come prepared to gorge on cookies as you take them to the next level. Wondering what it is all about? Forget the ordinary chocolate cookies and focus on the brownie-like chocolate crinkle cookies with a soft fudgy center and a crunchy feeling outside. Sprinkle some powdered sugar outside and you are good to go.

7. Linzer cookies

The sweet and buttery Linzer cookies are the classic Christmas favorites with fruit jam and flaky shortbreads. It is the perfect treat for Christmas that will melt in your mouth.

8. Soft and chewy ginger cookies

Pack the simple cookie with ginger, cinnamon, and molasses, and enjoy the cozy feeling. What’s more, they are to stay fresh and soft for days.

9. Drop sugar cookies

Think simple think drop sugar cookies that you can prepare at the last moment. It is a simple recipe indeed as you need not cut or roll the dough. Just flatten the dough to create soft and chewy cookies and sprinkle a lot of sugar on the top. It is a must-have task on your to-do list every year and this year will not be an exception as well.

10. Peanut butter cookies

The crumbly and chewy taste of the all-time favorite peanut butter cookies is hard to forget. They make excellent gluten-free sweets if you prefer to go healthy. Which cookies would you like to bake this Christmas? You can bake classic cookies and add to them a couple of your favorites to create a collection your family and friends will love and enjoy the scrumptious bites during Christmas.

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