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4 Relaxation Mistakes You Might be Unaware Of

Relaxation seems to be a very subjective term today. Is it all about carrying out our hobby or trying to keep ourselves engaged? In the name of relaxation, we are nowadays doing what we like using it as an excuse for relaxation. But relaxation is not doing what we like. It is about calming the mind and giving it rest.

In this blog, we shall be talking about some relaxation mistakes you might be making unknowingly. The thing we have to accept is that our inability to relax may be lying in our very daily practices. Thus, it is very important for us to know about these mistakes in order to take the right steps for relaxation.

Here are 4 relaxation mistakes for you to take notice:

  1. Scrolling on the phone: Facebook newsfeed, tweets, Instagram notifications…there is basically no end to what they provide. However, while we love to do this, we are also making our minds run. According to reports, we tend to check our phones once in every 6 minutes. Thus, it is only natural that we have this point as our first on the list. If you want to relax, then the first thing you should do is to turn off the net and resist the temptation and if you cannot, turn off your phone for sometimes to digitally detox; basically for as long as you want to relax.
  2. Not trying silence: It is a fact that silence is therapeutic and has many mental benefits. It increases our ability to focus and our creative capacity. And, it is also a fact that when we shut off the sound of our lives, which mostly comes from the television and sometimes our neighbors too, we can reap quite a harvest. So, try silence. Staying quite for sometime can do no harm. Try it for some days and you will eventually grow a taste for it. And there is nothing like the taste of silence. So silence yourself and you shall find relaxation.
  3. Reading books on a Kindle or tablet: Reading books is no doubt a great pass time that is also great for the mind. Moreover, the advent of digital reading has brought with it a lot of ease which was earlier not possible. We can read whatever book we have from any part of the world in a matter of seconds. Yet with it comes a not-so-good habit. If you have crept up into the bed and are reading a book on your tablet or Kindle with the hope of going to sleep, you might want to think twice. Research shows that the blue light emitted from the screen can disrupt sleep quite a lot. So, next time, opt for a paperback or hardcover instead of a digital book, especially when it is a bed-time read.
  4. Thinking about relaxing too much:  It is a fact of life that not trying to think of something makes us think about it much more. And it is the same with relaxation. Trying to think of relaxation only drifts us away from it. And adds further to anxiety and stress. So, in order to avoid it, try focusing on positive thoughts. It does not necessarily have to deal with relaxation. Trying to look on the brighter side of things, good memories and moments all these help a lot in bringing peace to the mind. They make us stronger emotionally too. So, whenever you have time, think positive and you will find relaxation.

Avoiding these 4 relaxation mistakes will help you relax better. During a lockdown, relaxing can be tough. However, if you keep in mind these points, you will eventually find it a lot less difficult to relax.

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