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5 Tips to Stay Healthy In the Holiday Season

The holiday season is knocking on the doors. So, you are all set to celebrate with family and friends. It is truly one of the best times of the year when you need to be in great form physically and mentally. Unfortunately, overindulgence during the holiday season can be a major cause of weight gain and illness. So, the next time you feel excited to gorge on those heavy-sugar desserts, remember that they are linked to obesity and certain cancers.

Even though it’s time for celebration, you need to move past the challenges of ill health. But before that, you need to find out why this time of the year is challenging for different reasons.

  • It is tough for people to stay focused on lifestyle, fitness, and diet goals due to a flurry of drinks and treats, especially big meals.
  • The  holiday season is also high on business, so it turns stressful for many people
  • The cost of giving gifts and traveling may create a financial burden and another major cause of stress.

Healthy living over the holidays is enjoying gracefully as much as you can while still maintaining the larger lifestyle goals.

Holiday health tips

Give your health a priority during these holidays. Here are six steps that will allow you to stay safe and healthy during the holiday season.

1. Swap the unhealthy ingredients

You may create healthier versions of the holiday favorite dishes. Wondering how? Just swap a few unhealthy ingredients for healthier ones. Replace white flour with coconut, almond, or wheat flour. Besides, you may use unsweetened applesauce and maple syrup, agave nectar, coconut sugar, or honey for sugar.

2. Enjoy the holidays in balanced proportions

It’s Christmas, so you may have all the fun and enjoyment without ruining your health. So, move ahead with a moderate amount of food and drinks, especially the seasonal traditions. Why don’t you go for a healthy diet comprising fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and organic animal products for 80% of the time and keep the rest for fun food items? Now, you can eat those Christmas cookies without regrets! Are you looking forward to your holiday favorites?

3. Don’t forget your daily dose of probiotics

The combined effect of holiday stress, travel, hullabaloo, and major dietary changes like eating more sweets and alcohol will take a toll on your health. So, don’t forget your daily probiotic supplement to keep your gut functioning healthily. If you are already on medicines and debarred from eating specific food items, the daily dose of probiotics will help.

4. Go nutty

Snacking on nuts before attending a holiday party is a good idea to stay healthy. When you arrive at the event with a half-filled stomach, you are less likely to overindulge in alcohol, sweets, and other unhealthy food items. Choose from almonds, pistachio, pecans, or walnuts to go nutty this Christmas.

5. Don’t sit idle

Christmas arrangements may create stress physically and mentally. No matter how busy you are throughout the day, go for a quick run or catch up with your daily schedule of exercises even if for 10 minutes. The more you move during the holidays the better it is to relieve stress and stay in shape. Holidays are for fun but never risk your health for anything.

Whether you are planning to stay back at home or travel during the holidays, follow these simple steps and above all, wash your hands and surfaces often to avoid cross-contamination and feel inspired to stay healthy during the holidays.

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