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6 Guiding Steps to Have the Perfect Urban Garden

With families shifting in to apartments more and more with the passage of time, the hobby of gardening is tending to lose its former charm. Gardening is one of those hobbies that require space, literally. Or does it? Yes, urbanization has in fact taken a toll on gardening with its compromise of space.  But here in this blog, we shall be helping you turn your urban living space into the perfect gardening spot.

Let it be known that gardening does not need that much space as you think. With the right steps, you can easily have a sweet garden of your own to take care of and rejoice in it. All that you need is some dirt and seeds, some repurposed containers and a small outdoor space, for example, a windowsill.

Following are 6 steps to help you have your own sweet garden in your urban settlement:

  1. Planters: The first that you need to do is get your own planters. Try mixing up as it will provide an attractive appearance. Go for paint buckets, coffee cans, and even milk jugs. Make sure that they are long enough to provide a healthy growth for the plant roots. As far as the size is concerned, go for an average 10 inches by 10 inches wide for the leafy greens and small herbs. As for the larger veggies like carrots and tomatoes, choose between 5 and 7 gallons.
  2. A Drainage System: Non-traditional planters will require a custom drainage system. Drill about 3 to 4 holes in the base of the planters (containers) so that the water does not collect at the bottom which can rot your plant. Another great way would be add a layer of small rocks and pebbles at the bottom of the pot for the water to gather and away from the roots.
  3. The Potting Mix: Once you are done making your container, now it is time for the potting mix. Mix perlite, compost, peat and vermiculite and pour it in the planters. Take measure that the mix comes up to about 1 inch below the container’s top. We are not using soil here because the potting mix absorbs more water and gives better circulation of air which is important for plants in pots.
  4. Organic fertilizer: Plants grown in planters or containers need special care as they cannot draw nutrients from the ground. So, a good thing is to add sprinkles of an organic fertilizer to the few top inches of the planter. They provide micro- and macro-nutrients including calcium, nitrogen, phosphorus and sulfur. All these contribute to better growth of the plants.
  5. Seeds: The next step is to plant the seeds. Plant them about half an inch below the surface of the mix. Easy-to-maintain greens include chard, spinach and kale. They are also highly nutritional. Or, if you are looking to plant more than one kind in a single container, go for herbs like parsley, sage and thyme. Make sure that the seeds are not too much for the container to hold.
  6. Regular watering: Watering your plants every single day is necessary, especially because they are growing on a windowsill or patio that receives direct sunlight. Make sure that the dirt is dry totally before you water it. Add enough water, as the excess will indeed trickle out through the holes you make at the bottom of the planters (container).

If you are thinking that gardening is a summertime hobby, you are wrong. You can do it at any time of the year. These 6 steps will help you give yourself the perfect urban garden you always wanted.

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