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Smartphone Detox! 6 Powerful Morning Rituals to Do Before Checking Your Phone

The advancement of technologies has brought about radical changes in every other sector of business. But what has changed significantly, is our lifestyle!

Unlike the earlier days, the first thing we do now is check our phones after waking up. That short window of scroll-time has significant adverse effects on our lifestyle that are way beyond our imagination!

In this blog, we bring about a hoard of things to do every morning for your health and wellness that you could switch to instead of scrolling through notifications. This is guaranteed to bring positive outcomes to your lifestyle and mindset as well!

Downsides of This Treacherous Habit!

Before going into the things to do before looking at your phone part, let’s look at the downsides of this treacherous habit-

  • It is one of the main reasons behind increased stress and anxiety levels.
  • It encourages distraction, thereby making it difficult to focus.
  • It assists in disrupting our sleep cycle.
  • It also decreases positivity levels within us.

6 Hacks To Change Your Toxic Trait!

If checking the phone is one of the first things we do in the morning, then it’s a toxic trait that needs immediate fixation!

Following are some effective hacks you can imbibe in your daily routine and change your lifestyle for the good-

1. Hydrate Yourself!

After a restful night’s sleep, what your body needs the most, is hydration. So, after opening your eyes, drink a glass of water to hydrate your body and ignite your metabolism. If you can, add a squeeze of lemon to the water. It helps boost your hydration levels significantly.

2. Try Meditation

This is one of the very best ways that can help calm your mind, and also assist in relieving stress levels. All you need to do is sit quietly and meditate. While you’re at it, remember to channel your focus on your breathing, and try to let go of other thoughts and worries. This is a great method to gain razor-sharp focus.

Note: There are dedicated exercises to increase concentration. So, if distraction is your issue, try imbibing these exercises to attain mindfulness.

3. Workout A Bit

Try to indulge yourself in mini-workout sessions in the morning. Just normal stretch exercises coupled with a few sets of push-ups and squats are enough to get you ready for the day. Working out helps improve flexibility, enhances blood flow, and also increases energy levels manifold.

4. Concentrate On Your Hobby

If you have a hobby, the morning’s the best time to practice it! And if you don’t, well get one! It’s a necessary thing we all need in our lives to break free from the daily monotony! Be it reading a book, or playing an instrument, practicing hobbies helps boost creativity, and reduce the overall stress levels.

5. Make A To-Do List

Take a few minutes and try coming up with a to-do list for the day. Jot down all the things that you will be doing for the day, and schedule your appointments accordingly. This habit helps to maintain control of your day, and also is one of the best ways to stop checking your phone first!

6. Try To Get Some Sunlight

Sunlight exposure is another effective thing you can habituate yourself with. After waking up, step outside your room, and try soaking the first rays of the sun. Exposing yourself to sunlight has a variety of benefits, which include enhanced vitamin D production, to regulation of the body’s internal clock.

Wrapping It Up

There are a plethora of productive things to do in the morning at home that can help enhance your lifestyle and mindset. So, instead of just scrolling through the news feed, get yourself out of bed, and involve yourself in something fruitful! Got any more ideas to share? Drop us a message at and share your valuable tips with us.

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