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6 Reasons You Should Become a Plant Mom

Since the last year, a lot of things have changed in the life and living of people from around the world. While the pandemic forced everyone to go inside and stay in quarantine, people came up with some new habits and hobbies. One of these popular habits is becoming a plant mom.

Planting or gardening is not something new. It has been around for a while. But while this is such a popular trend these days and why even social media influencers are becoming plantfluencers? And why should you become a plant parent or a plant mom? You will find all your answers in the following points. So check them out.

Being Close to Nature

The global pandemic has made it impossible to travel and enjoy the proximity of nature. While staying at home, people started feeling alienated from nature. Becoming a plant parent is an attempt to go close to nature. Having green plants will help you enjoy the serenity and peace nature gives you. A small green patch on your balcony or terrace will be perfect and heavenly.

A Reason to Feel Good

In these uncertain times, when the world is going through a pandemic, having plants at your home feels good. Plants bring calmness and stability. They are not only aesthetically pleasing but also help in your well being. Have you heard about horticulture therapy? In this therapy, patients are supposed to take care of plants. This helps them get better.

Air Purifier

 Plants are helpful for purifying the air. A study from NASA shows that plants can remove 87% of toxins in 24 hours. Plants absorb CO2 from the air and release oxygen. It also helps you eliminate metals and toxins from the air such as formaldehyde. It also releases water vapor which is helpful if you are living in a stuffy room or dorm.

Help You Avoid Getting Sick

As plants release water vapor in the air, it also keeps you from getting cold. It ensures a high humidity level in the house which will help you prevent dry skin, dry coughs, sore throats, and colds. The absolute humidity level also reduces the chances of transmission of the flu virus. As you can see, plants will practically protect you from a lot of germs.

Good For Mental Health

When you are staying at home and dealing with a lot of stress due to the uncertainty of life, plants can offer you some balance and stability. Plants are good for mental health. It helps you reduce stress and anxiety. Plants also keep the atmosphere bright and cheerful. At the same time, the green color helps you maintaining balance and harmony in your home. Plants also induce peace in the atmosphere. Also, having this added responsibility of being a plant mom will keep you occupied in a productive way.

Reduces Background Noise

Is your house located right beside a busy street? It is scientifically proven that plants can help you reduce noise. Your indoor plants will help absorb the noise of the vehicles that are keeping you awake at night.

So, now as you know why plants are amazing and why you should become a plant mom, don’t waste time. Create your beautiful green patch with indoor or outdoor plants today.

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