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6 Self-Care Tips for our Well-Being during a Pandemic

With the life-threatening COVID-19 having made us locked inside our houses and others inside their houses pretty much all across the globe, it is only natural for us to get frustrated or even depressed with many showing lurking signs of clinical depression. It is certainly possible and we cannot let our minds get the better of our body. We need to understand that we always have a choice of staying in control and not losing our minds while staying at home during the present state of lockdown.

In this blog, we shall be talking about taking self-care to a literal level that aims to bring down stress and anxiety levels during a pandemic, presently the COVID-19. Other than the usual preventive measures like washing hands often and wearing the mask whenever going out, there are many other ways in which you can have self-care.

Here are 6 ways of self-care during a pandemic:

  1. Stick to a daily meditation practice: It is very easy to lose the track of our time when days seem to blend into each other. This is purely due to the fact that our time tables have dismembered by the lockdown. We now seem to have realized that having nothing to do can be restless and boring. So, make the most of time. Go for meditation sessions twice in a day (20 to 30 minutes in a single session). Now you do not have the “I don’t have time” excuse to use. Instead you have too much time, so get disciplined.
  2. Maintain virtual contact: This is the time to contact those with whom you haven’t done so in a long time, especially those who are across borders. However, across borders means a change in time zones. So chart a schedule to have a clear idea of who you will be contacting and when. Remaining in touch with family and friends is a source of strength for times like these.  You can even have dinner together, although virtually, while being on different cities, states or countries.
  3. Go outdoors:  To have a garden or a pathway in your premises is a blessing right now. So utilize it fully. Go out. Have a walk on your own. Since gathering is not suggested, make the most of your alone-time.  While walking keeps your body healthy, listening to music while gardening will be great for the mind. Moreover, having morning walks in your own backyard or garden is great as you receive the sunlight which is great for the body too.
  4. Let go of emotions: Such times can take a toll on our emotions. We may feel angry, sad, depressed, disheartened or hopeless about our current situations. But it does not do good to keep them inside us. It is very important to let go of your inner feelings and even cry if you want to. Feeling the emotions fully does help us see the silver lining even when there are dark clouds.
  5. Have a venting hour: A continuation of the previous point, decide an hour when you sit along with your family and talk and share what all of you feel. It helps a lot in relieving the tension and your pent-up thoughts and emotions. You need to stick together and help each other survive the current situation and sharing will only make you come together.
  6. Limit your access to the news and social media: The news and social media are full with stuff as to the spread of the virus. And it certainly does not do any good to know how many people have lost their lives. Instead limit your access to them and do other things. Hope that the situation becomes better with time, pray for the departed and for those who are working night and day in such times. Read books, listen to music. A great thing is to not see the news before bedtime as it can get you all hyped up.

These 6 points of self-care will help you a lot in maintaining a healthy mind and body. It is very important that we take care of ourselves and others and only then can we fight this battle and win.

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