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How Does Digital Gadgets Affect Your Kid’s Life?

Gadgets and kids, isn’t that a sight you see very often? Nowadays every time you see a kid in the park, walking past you, they are holding a tablet or a phone, right? Well, if you have a toddler in your own home, it’s easier for you to understand what we are saying!

In the last two years, since parents and kids were stuck in the boundaries of their homes, the usage of gadgets increased by 35%. Most working parents tried to keep their kids occupied through gadget exposure while they worked their billable hours. 

So if you are someone who has a busy life with kids, but is still wondering if digital gadgets are good or not, this is the perfect read for you!

Want to know more about how digital gadgets affect your kid’s lifestyle? Read on!

Brain Development

According to Developmental Psychology, the brain size increases double in size during early childhood years. Sometimes ‘too much’ gadget use can negatively affect your child’s brain health and also the way it functions. There are many ‘delays’ that might happen in your child’s brain like impaired learning, attention deficiency, ‘too many’ impulses, cognitive delays, etc. 

Is Obesity a Concern?

Well, a little. If your kids are spending more time on their ‘screens’, than running in the playgrounds, there is some concern about them being obese. One in every two kids in the U.S. suffers from strokes, diabetes, etc. resulting from obesity. You must encourage your children to walk around playgrounds, play games, cycle, swim, and so much more. Your kids must get exposed to different physical activities instead of just peeking into ‘bright screens’.

Violent Behaviour

If your kids are spending too much time with digital gadgets, there is a high chance that they will learn aggressive behavior. Playing long hours on tablets, iPhones, and Android devices will likely make your kid more prone to ‘aggression’. You might see them talking back at you, fighting with their siblings, and getting in trouble at school. It’s better if you make your child learn better behavior and keep their gadget timeless.


Once your kids get addicted or mildly addicted to digital gadgets, there is bound to be a change in their sleeping patterns. They will try to ‘skip’ their rest time and stay up with their gadgets. It is really bad for their health if they try to equate their gadget as their ‘sleeping pill’. Sleep deprivation is a serious health condition so it is better if you try to help your kid get away from these ‘sleeping troubles’ by limiting their gadget use.

Eyesight Issues

Do we need to say again how ‘bad’ long hours of gadget use is for their eyes! Instead, try to invest your time making your kids see more of nature and staring at large distances. Also, make them eat ‘carrots’ a lot!

After reading these reasons you will know our stance on kids using gadgets. Digital gadgets are a part of everyone’s life but as long as you limit the usage and keep parental control, your kids are safe from ‘digital harm’!

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