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Unveiling the Intricate Links Between Sleep and Productivity

Which are the worst days when you are irritable and fail to meet your objectives in the workplace?  Almost every individual would agree that if you cannot sleep for six to eight hours regularly or have frequent late nights, work seems to be a nightmare.  Although you may experience lack of sleep due to stressful schedules, the flip side of it is equally true.

There is no denying that sleep deprivation can impact work productivity to a great extent. If you sleep better, you will work better the next day in the office. While you may need to compromise sleep for work but spending more hours in the workplace to compensate productivity becomes debilitating.

Here is unveiling the deep links between sleep and productivity and why you also need to follow the tips for better sleep:

1. Lack of sleep may impact innovation and creativity

If you fail to sleep for the stipulated time for a week or more, it may affect the prefrontal cortex of your brain, the area of your brain that makes the creative and innovative juices flow. Studies have shown over and again that not sleeping well will never let you think flexibly or change your plans to reveal your potential in the workplace. Try to improve the quality of sleep to perform better in your workplace.

2. Get professional support

Want to know what healthy sleeping habits are? When your work schedule interferes with your sleep hours, you must discuss the health issues with your manager. Still better would be to get professional support from a psychologist. Often, the bad experiences at the workplace keep you psychologically attached long after you leave the office or stay with you at home as well. Professional counselors support your need for sleep and guide you about healthy sleeping habits. That way, you can concentrate on your work and improve your productivity the next day.

3. Not realistic

If you don’t get good sleep at night, you will be less realistic at work. Work schedules may get tougher with your age and experience. So, you have to learn to follow an ideal sleep-wake schedule to stay fit and active, or else struggle to stay flexible in your office. You can also make other adjustments to your daily schedule to ensure better performance in the office. Do you often have arguments with your team members or co-workers? If lack of sleep is one reason, you need to focus on ways that let you sleep well.

4. Poor hygiene

Do you know that poor hygiene may be one of the reasons you may not get proper sleep at night? When you look for ways to get better sleep, you will come to know how fostering good hygiene like cleaning the bed linen, brushing your teeth, or personal habits may cause sleep deprivation. You will face more difficulties while sleeping when you don’t follow hygiene. A recent study conducted on 1000 adults claimed to explore the intricate link between sleep and productivity. The conclusion stated that duration of sleep be it short or long, insomnia, and sleep apnea are strongly linked with work productivity. So, follow the secrets to get a better night’s sleep and feel fresh every day in the workplace or even when you are at home. Consult with sleep specialists and doctors for sound sleep or ask them for personalized tips for managing fatigue at the workplace.

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