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Digital Detox: Balancing Screen Time for Mental Well-Being

Screens are an integral part of our lives today. From smart televisions to computers, tablets, laptops, and mobile phones, there is no dearth of devices for people to stay hooked to the digital world. But do you know that the same digital world that benefits our lives tremendously may also be a constant source of harm to our mental health? Wondering what the connection is between screen time and mental health? Studies reveal that spending over two hours on digital devices may have people complaining of symptoms like anxiety, stress, depression, and various other issues affecting their minds. That is when you remember to balance things, one after the other.

Balance in everything

When it comes to using digital devices, you need to find the tight spot between what is too much or too less. Now that would be a daunting task for many who are completely addicted to digital devices. But what many people forget is the intensely bad impact of being on-screen most of the time. It reduces the tendency to stay active physically, causes sleep disruption, and leads to stress.

What matters most is whether you can balance the screen time or not or what you may call making the most of technology without disturbing their mental well-being. Even if your children are engaged with digital devices most of the time.

Here is what you need to do to balance screen time to protect your mental well-being and create a balanced approach to using digital devices.

Create limits

You need to establish screen time to a daily or weekly limit time. You may also use apps that restrict the usage of digital devices and set restrictions for time. The best option to counter screen time impact and ensure mental well-being is through measured physical work, browsing the internet, and engaging in leisure activities.

Check the number of screens

There should be a check on the number of screens you are using when using digital devices. Remember to stay restricted to one screen only when using your mobile devices or computer. If you are using multiple screens, try to stay away from the devices. Keep the devices in separate rooms to mitigate your urge for digital devices.

Be mindful of what you do

Are you aware of the kind of content you are consuming through digital devices? Detox your brain and eliminate the trash. That way, you will learn to use positive emotions and give way to negative emotions. Instead, try to build social connections to stay mentally healthy and promote overall mental well-being. Remember that your mind should be in your control. So, you need to signal your brain to unwind and engage in more meaningful work to nourish your brain.

Setting boundaries for work

You might engage in screen time for your work but that too should not exceed the time. More screen time may mean less sleep, spending lesser time with your family, and having lesser time to focus on good things. Why don’t you add to your life with more good things?  That way, you will also work for fixed hours of a day and spend the rest of the time in what brings you happiness.

Want to balance your relationship with screen time? You can leverage the most out of technology and prevent the dampening of mental health. Using digital devices moderately is the key to maintaining your mental well-being.

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