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Nunchi – The Art of Having a Healthy Mind at Work

Having a healthy mind is essential for work and can never be overstated. A healthy mind helps us make decisions faster and better. Although there is a lot of research going on around the world regarding how we can have a healthy mind, in this blog we will be talking about an art that deals with having a healthy mind at work. And this is the art of Nunchi.

Nunchi is a Korean word whose literal meaning is “eye-measure”. It is the art of gauging how a person is thinking or how people are thinking and feeling, in order to create a web of connection, harmony and trust. It emphasizes a room as a single organism with the people in it.

Here are the 8 rules of Nunchi:

  1. Empty your mind
    Going to a gathering of new people might make you have prejudices and wrong notions about them. These might even come from other sources. However, if you hold on to them, you will leave less room in your mind and shutting your senses from learning more about them. So, keep calm, breathe and empty your mind.
  2. The Nunchi Observer Effect
    When you enter a room, it is important to be aware of your influence. There is no need to crack a joke or say something funny if you find that people are already laughing. They might as well be laughing at you. So, observe and blend in. Be a part of the group and do not try to make the group a part of your own “group”.
  3. Analyze the room
    If you find people inside a room, it is because they have been there longer. So, see what they are doing to gain more information. Do not try to cheer them up if they look upset. Get to know what is going on.
  4. When need be, turn quiet
    Never ever miss a good opportunity to shut your mouth. Stay quiet and you might even have your questions answered without even asking them. This helps a lot during negotiations.
  5. Manners exist
    Yours manners make people around you feel comfortable. Want to speak? Ask or raise your hand. Stand and talk. It is a sign of mutual respect. Speak softly. Speaking loudly will not make you win the debate or make you the centre of attraction.
  6. Reading between the lines
    People do not always say what they have in their minds and it is totally natural. So pay attention and you will know what they do not want to say or they do not like. In this aspect, it is the initial greeting that is the most important. Make them feel comfortable and they will share what they feel.
  7. Sometimes, unintended harm is as bad as intended harm
    Intent is not impact. You need to get out of your head in order to make people around you comfortable.  If someone tells you something that is not in your favor, it does not mean he or she does not like you. So talk before taking the decision of shooting back.
  8. Be quick, not in haste
    Gather data as quickly as you can and adapt. Nunchi says that the room you entered 10 minutes ago is not the same you are in at the moment. Everything is in a flux. Keep in mind that survival of the fittest does not mean being the strongest. It means to be the most adaptable.

Keeping the 8 Nunchi tips will help you have a healthy mind at work without compromising in any situation. Self-reliance has today taken the form of ignorance more than ever before and even our technologies are making us more so. For example, the very smartphone we are carrying has turned into an addictive excuse for everyone almost everyone around us, no matter where we are. Thus, what we need to get out of this over-self-reliance attitude and understand the value of Nunchi and how connections are significant in our work-lives.

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