A 5-Step Feng Shui Guide to Clean Your Wallet

Feng Shui is a Chinese technique of maintaining peace with our surroundings. According to it, we can relate to and celebrate both our outer and inner world by connecting to the space around ourselves. Even little things matter in this process. Having a clean environment calls for a cleaner inner self. And this can be a lot motivating and empowering.

In this blog, we shall be talking about one such little thing that when applied with Feng Shui can help in boosting your abundance. And that is your wallet. Wallet is a necessary of our daily lives, not to mention it is where we keep our money while travelling. Applying Feng-Shui to your wallet basically means taking to time to clean it, get rid of the unnecessary stuff and give a new breathe.

Here is a step-by-step explanation of how you can about it:

Step 1: Clean it
Take out everything that is inside the wallet and you will surely be surprised at all the stuff that has gathered in it over time. Once there is nothing inside it, wipe it to the last inch with a microfiber cloth or towel that is a little damp. Feng Shui suggests burning herbal incense and holding the wallet over the smoke. This helps clear of unwanted energies.

Step 2: Sort out your stuff
Once you have all the things out of your wallet, sort them out. One of the most important things here is bills. So, keep only those that you will require in the future and dispose of the others. Take the oath of using digital bills instead of paper bills. This brings down clutter in your wallet as well as paper waste for the environment. Next is disposing off expired credit cards, and membership cards. They take up quite some space.

The most important thing to care of is the cash. Straighten the bills, sort them in order. According to feng shui, everything is energy at its basic form, including money. So, the better care you take of your cash, the better respond it will provide. Ancient feng shui event suggests rubbing mint leaves on the cash bills to give it more energy.

Step 3: Store your essentials in easy-to-access pockets
This is an underrated aspect of using wallets. Carry only what you need in your wallet. Many people open their wallets and end up searching for a single coin amidst their overflowing range of credit cards and membership cards. It is waste of both time and energy. This can cause a person to get overwhelmed and frustrated. So keep what you need in the front and center and you will be surprised how happy you get when you open your wallet next time.

Step 4: Treat your wallet with care
After you are done using your wallet, do not just throw it back into the cluttered bag. What you should next is organize. Be grateful for the abundance it provides you and take a vow to keep it organized and clean at all times. There are many people who opt for a wallet based on feng shui colors. However, you can go for one that suits your own needs and requirements. A wallet is not for show, it is where you keep your money and thus should be one that you find safe and suitable.

Step 5: Turn it magical
It is believed in feng shui that energy attracts greater energy. So, try adding more positivity to your wallet as well. You may think of writing down your future wants or quotes on a small note card and store it alongside your cash. So that whenever you open the wallet, the quotes greet you.

Keeping these 5 steps in mind will help you give your wallet the power of feng shui and make it a part of your free flowing energy circle.

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